Ensure sustainability in the long run

considerations for biodiversity, nature and environment in businesses and investments

For entrepreneurs and start-ups

How do you develop an environmentally sustainable business from the get-go? You know that ‘sustainability’ is a must, but what does that mean? – and how can you make considerations for a truly environmentally sustainable business while developing the business plan?

For Green investors

You wish to invest in sustainable businesses, but how do you know if a business is actually environmentally sustainable?
You may already be aware that “green” is more than aiming for zero carbon emissions. But what other aspects do you need to consider for the environment, nature and biodiversity, to ensure your investments are scalable and viable in the long run?

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For business operators, and investors in existing businesses

Due diligence, ESG policies and management plans for reducing impact get you part of the way. However, environmental sustainability is much more than cutting emissions of e.g. water and energy. But what do you need to consider to take the sustainability agenda to the next level and see your business in the bigger picture of the environment, nature and biodiversity agenda?

Bio Circular

a combining form meaning “life,” “living organism,” “biology”: biodegradable.
Also, esp. before a vowel, bi-.
[comb. form of Greek bíos life]

cir•cu•lar   (sûr ky -l r)

a. Shaped like or nearly like a circle; round.
b. Moving in or forming a circle

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