Why we cannot increase our dependence on nature – even by a modest 2 % per year…

Even if an area would change with a 2% or 7% growth rate per year, it is a huge problem. In the beginning you see a small use and some change, and before the last doubling time, there is still 50% of the resource left. 3 doubling times before full use, only 1/8th (12 percent) has been used, and you would probably not be worried that the resource will eventual be depleted! For all our non-renewable resources, even a tiny, yet consistent increase in resource use will eventually lead to depletion.

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The difficulty of systems thinking in green investments decisions

Sustainable Goal Tower: all SDGs are NOT equal. Our society rely on a range of ecosystem services, which we need to ensure are functioning, in order for our our societies to exist. This fundament neet to be ensured.

The advantages of doing an environmental sustainability analysis before investing are many:
First of all, is the business solution truly green and environmental sustainable and not only fixing a single problem? This is key for the trustworthiness of the business and the accountability of investors. The risk of bad publicity is high, if detrimental environmental consequences have been overlooked.
Secondly, knowing the limits for scalability sets a cap for the investment – or allow for adaptation of the business model to overcome the limitations before proceeding too far into developing the business.
Third, a truly sustainable solution ensures the risk of future rules and regulations impacting the business is low and thus warrants a viable business in the long run (at least from an environmental perspective).

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