wbcsd - CEO guide to the circular bioeconomy

Circular bioeconomy inspiration for the CEO

The principles that should be utilised in developing businesses based on the circular bioeconomy concept has huge potential in transforming our world, so that the planet is habitable for people and nature.

We as humans have relied on bioeconomy since the begining of trade, however, it has not always been circular and sustainable – especially in recent decades. Thus the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) ‘CEO Guide to the Circular Bioeconomy’ is a nice short document to serve as inspiration for introducing the thoughts in todays businesses. find it at the WBCSD website

Conference – towards a circular bioeconomy

BioCircular participated in a very interesting conference on issues towards a circular bio-economy that was jointly organised by three research projects, CYCLE, BioSmart and SusValueWaste, all funded by the BIONÆR programme of the Research Council of Norway.

Circular bioeconomy is now on the agenda

Conference in circular bioeconomy

In the conference it became clear that bioeconomy encompases many things depending on the sector or research discipline you are coming from. But it also showed that there are many promissing solutions – many of which are mental – in order to get a sustainable society.

coffee to produce mushrooms

mushrooms grown on coffee

Beyond Coffee in Copenhagen has started producing Oyster mushrooms on used coffee grounds. It is a great concept and a nice example of the many solutions to find clever ways of reusing biomass that is otherwise wasted. See more at http://www.beyondcoffee.dk/

We wish the guys the best of luck with the venture …


Bio Circular

a combining form meaning “life,” “living organism,” “biology”: biodegradable.
Also, esp. before a vowel, bi-.
[comb. form of Greek bíos life]

cir•cu•lar   (sûr ky -l r)

a. Shaped like or nearly like a circle; round.
b. Moving in or forming a circle